Teen Center After School Program

The JCC serves individuals with special needs by mainstreaming them into regular JCC programs such as day camp as well as providing programs dedicated to their needs. We encourage every interested person with a disability to participate.


Teen Center After School Program:

Teens and young adults with special needs can come to the JCC on week day afternoons for a variety of activities that include sports, swimming, creative art activities and more. We provide a focused one-on-one attention to each participant’s growth and development of life skills. Our friends learn the importance of team work, independence, relationship building and more while taking advantage of the JCC’s fully equipped classrooms, dance studios, gymnasiums, and swimming pools. Our facilities provide the appropriate settings for a full and enriching afternoon. The program is “after school” only in name. It runs through the summer with the opportunity to experience new activities and meet new people.

Our program has been in existence for over 10 years, and our staff members bring a unique and caring perspective to the program. We offer a trial period to individuals who are interested in the program, and participants can attend Teen Center 1-5 days per week. JCC membership is required and there is a fee to join. Scholarships are available.


For information:

Meredith Brown, Program Development Coordinator, Children/ Youth/ Family Division




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