Housing Options for People with Autism

It is April and this is Autism Awareness month. Many organizations have had and are having different events to raise autism awareness.  At AHDCP, we are celebrating by watching the progress of the construction of the Dave Wright Apartments.  To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, our management company is now ready to accept applications!

Click here to download and print the preliminary application for renting at the Dave Wright Apartments.

Remember, your application cannot be postmarked before May 2, 2016 or it will be returned to you!

If you were on the inquiry list, your applications were mailed to you on Friday, April 22.

After initial review, the management company Supportive Housing Management Services (SHMS) will begin contacting applicants in June. We anticipate occupancy in mid September.


The 4th floor is going up and next month we will start the 5th floor, the last floor of the building!  Once the roof is on, the interior will the area of concentration. Even though the windows are not installed yet, the building is very quiet in the interior, in spite of all the activity. It will be extremely quiet in the apartments when they are finished.


This building is under construction, but progress is steady!

On the completed floors, framing, plumbing and HVAC work is progressing. When the roof is on, they will begin hanging drywall.

Construction 2

Framing, plumbing, and HVAC work is progressing!

There is frequent public transportation for the residents.  Looking through the lobby, you can see the bus stop sign and bench immediately outside our door.


You can see the bus stop sign and bench immediately outside the door!


Above is a view of the future gardens as seen through a bedroom window on the 3rd floor.



I have been asked many times how the new guidelines being proposed by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to change eligibility rules to cap spending for those that need a higher level of care and support to live in their community,  The Dave Wright Apartments are a private apartment building and, as such, are not affected by the proposed rule changes.  But our building is just A SOLUTION for SOME  on the autism spectrum. The complexity for addressing this growing crisis is immense.  For those more deeply affected by autism the issues are critical.  Here is one blog that addresses these concerns:

Elliot Frank, President
Autism Housing Development Corporation of Pittsburgh

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