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Friendship Circle of Michigan recently posted a Special Needs Guide to Homework to help students, parents and teachers alike understand the struggles that some students go through with seemingly simple homework assignments. To read the full article visit A Special Needs Guide to Homework.

The author breaks the Homework Problem down into three categories: Lack of appropriate instructions (if there are instructions at all), time able to be devoted to homework when Physical Therapy may need to be part of a child’s daily routine, and the unclear benefit homework has to the child’s education. Interestingly, the National Education Association recommends 10 minutes of homework per grade level. If your child is in 5th grade, your child should allow 50 minutes dedicated to homework.

Then proceeds to provide a few pointers that helped her and her child work through homework.

  1. Plan specific break times before even beginning
  2. Make space – both physically and mentally
  3. Model then step back – don’t do the work but demonstrate how to do it
  4. Offer gentle encouragement
  5. Switch gears if you get stuck
  6. Check the work
  7. Take multiple breaks
  8. Quit while you’re ahead – better to leave on a positive tone then a defeated one
  9. Pack up – when you are done put it away, don’t let it haunt you with its presence

For teachers, parents or friends who may not fully understand the struggles that some special needs children face with homework, for learning and attention issues, has an incredible “Through You’re Child’s Eyes” interaction tool that gives simulation activities to demonstrate what your child might be going through and steps to possibly ease the struggle. To try a simulation go to Through You’re Child’s Eyes and personalize the specifications.

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