GA 2016: What inclusion really looks like

November 13th, 2016 marks the opening of the Federation’s General Assembly, which gathers together volunteer and professional leaders from Federations across North America, along with those in the business of Jewish philanthropy from around the world. Here are some of the breakout sessions occurring this year:

The Silver Tsunami: Managing the Age Wave
No community in North America is immune to the impact of a rapidly aging population, and Federations are taking action. For example, Pittsburgh has begun implementing programs that address age-related problems like memory loss and social isolation. Learn how your community can be better prepared to support our senior population. Presenting for this session is our Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s own Ilene Rinn discussing AgeWell Pittsburgh.

Equal Access: Giving Disability Inclusion Its Place of Pride

Creating a community in which people with disabilities are seamlessly included can be a challenge. Join this interactive brainstorming session with colleagues and experts, and take away tools to make space in the Jewish tent for all.

Disabilities and Inclusion: Making your Community an Accessible Place

Learn how six Federations are meeting the challenge of helping people with disabilities succeed.

Coat of Many Colors: Diversity in Jewish Life
Jews and Jewish families come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and yet our communities often still look or are portrayed as homogeneous. Who are Jews today, and what does it mean to build inclusive communities that make space for everyone? Explore ideas about what it means to build a multi-layered, inclusive Jewish life.

This year’s GA is proving to be an excited few days of learning and networking. We hope to be able to bring back many new ideas and opportunities to the Pittsburgh Jewish community.

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