Upcoming ReelAbilities Film Festival Features

Gabe: Tuesday, October 25th 7pm

A misdiagnosis as a child gave Gabe Weil a new, longer life expectancy and the unexpected gift of time. Empowered to now think about a future that he never thought he would have, Gabe embraces his passions, deepens his friendships, and finds joy in each day as he continues to manage an ongoing disability. This honest and insightful documentary reminds us all to value the time we are given no matter what our challenges.

Followed by a conversation with the film’s director Luke Terrell.


Bottom Dollars: Wednesday, October 26th 7pm

Since the Fair Labor Standards Act passed in 1938, American workers have been free from labor exploitation, with one exception: people with disabilities. In 2016, nearly 250,000 people with disabilities continue to earn less than the minimum wage. Through personal stories and poignant interviews, this eye-opening documentary exposes this practice while presenting new employment alternatives with competitive wages and community inclusion for workers of all abilities.

Mary Anderson Hartley, Lead Policy & Advocacy Consultant with 21 and Able at United Way of Allegheny County, will introduce the film.

Followed by a panel discussion with local stakeholders moderated by Halle Stockton, Managing Editor, Public Source.

ReelAbilities Shorts Program: Sunday, October 30th 4pm

Seven short films totaling 70 minutes highlight diverse themes across the ability spectrum.

Autism in Love (USA, 9 minutes)
A man with autism and his wife discuss their unconditional love.

I Don’t Care (UK, 14 minutes)
A mother-to-be faces the possibility of having a child with Down syndrome.

Macropolis (UK, 7 minutes)
Two toys made at a factory are thrown out and together attempt to be put back on a store shelf.

Midfield (Portugal, 6 minutes)
An ordinary workday in the life of a dock worker — but when Sunday comes, an altogether different man emerges.

Perfect (Canada, 12 minutes)
Julius meets with his psychologist after what he considers to be a disastrous first date.

Strings (Spain, 11 minutes)
Maria’s routine at school is changed by the arrival of a new student who soon becomes her best friend.

Welcome to The Last Bookstore (USA, 11 minutes)
The story of a beloved bookstore owner—a father, husband, and paraplegic.

Followed by a conversation with emerging filmmakers from Pittsburgh’s Joey Travolta Film Camp.

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