Art, Freedom, Beauty and Inspiration from the seat of the power chair

Assistive Technologies – Wheelchair Edition: For Connections’ second edition of a look at Assistive Technologies this administrator decided to take a deeper look into wheelchairs and motorized chairs that can make getting around easier for anyone anywhere. But not just how we typically view the wheelchair, as a means of transportation for those individuals who have trouble with mobility, rather a deeper dive into the freedom and inspiration that can be derived from the seat of a wheelchair and how potentially in light of these exciting wheelchair advancements and amazing adventures we, the Pittsburgh Community can make our community accessible to all.

1. Freedom Chair out of MIT

2. Art, Freedom, Beauty and Inspiration from the seat of the power chair

See much more of Sue Austin’s incredible wheelchair art

3. AXS Map: An Android and iOS app that allows users to post reviews of accessible places in your area. Like Yelp! allows user reviews for restaurants and bars, AXS Map is for all businesses stores, theaters, restaurants, offices, apartment buildings, etc. Users are able to search businesses and see their accessibility rating. If a business does not yet have an accessibility rating users are encouraged to rate and comment for future users. In 2015 AXS Map participated in Google ADA Accessibility Mapathon and Pittsburgh was one of the eleven cities with its own team and ranked 3rd overall. The Mapathon was a fundraising event that raised money for a charity of your choice while your team reviewed the local businesses, thereby mapping entire neighborhoods for accessibility ratings. Visit their website for more information about AXS Map or download the AXS Map app right to your phone. Leave a comment if you are interested in starting a Community Mapathon for Jewish Pittsburgh.

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