JFILM Festival – Interview with Gabrielle Zilkha

Doing Jewish – Gabrielle Zilkha


When Gabrielle Zilkha volunteered to work in Africa, religion wasn’t at the forefront of her mind. But when the Jewish New Year came along, she found herself a lone Canadian Jew awash in a sea of Christians—that is, until she stumbled upon a group of practicing Jews in a remote town in Ghana. From there she launched a surprising and enlightening exploration into the lives of these African Jews that sheds light on dominant Jewish stereotypes and informs the ongoing discourse about globalization. In her documentary, Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana, Zilkha parallels the stories of her African travels with the journey of her own faith.

Gabrielle will be joining JFILM for a conversation following the April 28th screening of Doing Jewish;

5:30pm at the Manor Theater.

In the meantime, she kindly answered some questions about her experience making the documentary. You can view the full interview transcript on the Film Pittsburgh website


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