Shout out to Staff at JCC’s Teen and Young Adult Center

One of the things that makes the JCC’s Teen and Young Adult Center program so special is the staff. We have the most amazing staff; they truly care about all of the participants and work hard every day to make the program unique.

The staff creates activities that expand the participants’ horizons while increasing cognitive, communication, social, and physical skills. The staff gets to know all of the participants and is able to respond to their individual needs. Each of our staff members has worked with the special needs population in a variety of ways and nurtures the participants’ appreciation of art, animals, and music.

The Teen and Young Adult Center programs in the summer and year round. The best part is being a part of a wonderful, welcoming community. Watching the bonds that form between the participants and the staff is incredible to see. The participants truly feel that the program is their home and we love watching the community grow year after year.

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