The Second Time Around: My Federation Experience … Again

This is my second time (as the above title mentioned) in six years that I’ve worked at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh as a temporary position through an employment assistance program at the Howard Levin Clubhouse. While I do forget the majority of my first experience within that past six years – with the exception of the kindness and guidance of Sally Stein, Patti D., and Patti F. who all aided me in doing professional work while allowing me to be myself and attended an employer recognition dinner with me – most of my memories, while happy in feeling, are a blur.

In this present time, however, I am happy in both memories and in feeling, when I think of JFed. I worked with, beside, and for: Patti D. and  Patti F. in Foundation (again);  Monica and the rest of the great people in Accounting; Adam Hertzman in Marketing; and Ateret Cope in Community Building and Planning; I interacted very well with others something I believe I struggle with in general, but I felt comfortable here. My work habits were enhanced very well here as well. On any given day or series of days, I may be filing mountains of filing in the Foundation and/or Accounting departments, binding books, making multiple copies and/or scanning documents, working on Excel databases and doing work-related internet research, or stuffing envelopes. Keeping active genuinely makes me happy, so I enjoyed both working and working with you all.

No place is ever perfect for everyone all the time. No doubt there are stresses and problems in your cubicle and office as you read this. But always remember this is a great place and a great environment to work at in terms of people being friendly. And no matter what happens when I leave soon (or have left when you read this), keep that spirit alive please. I believe JFed was listed as one of the best places to work and that is still true. Shalom to all and thanks for having me again.

This post written by Ed Tipton

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