Helping to Redevelop the “Gateway to Squirrel Hill”

After reading in the July 31 editorial “Steady Growth: Two Developments Show City’s Strength” about the proposed development at the intersection of Forward and Murray avenues at the Gateway to Squirrel Hill and that “some proposals for redevelopment have come and gone without being realized,” I wanted to clarify some of the confusion about the current construction that is underway near there.

In mid-July, Jewish Residential Services, along with our partner ACTION-Housing Inc., started construction of the Seymoure and Corinne Krause Commons on the site of the former Poli restaurant near the intersection of Forward and Murray avenues. Krause Commons, which should be ready for occupancy around this time in 2018, will include 33 affordable housing apartments, the new Sally & Howard Levin Clubhouse and the administrative offices of Jewish Residential Services. Many people erroneously believe that this construction is for the project that Herky Pollock introduced to the Squirrel Hill community at a public meeting last Monday evening at the Jewish Community Center.

Jewish Residential Services has been supporting individuals with psychiatric or intellectual disabilities since 1991, helping them to live, learn, work and socialize as valuable members of the community. Our supportive living services help people to live independently and be part of the Squirrel Hill community. The Levin Clubhouse helps those whose lives have been disrupted by mental illness come together to discover and develop their strengths and abilities, build self-confidence and gain valuable social and vocational skills that prepare them for more productive, rewarding and meaningful lives.

We look forward to playing a huge role in helping to revitalize the Gateway to Squirrel Hill.

Executive Director
Jewish Residential Services

This post brought to you by Harold Love, Executive Director of JRS.
Originally published for the Post-Gazette 8.2.17

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