Dear Potential Study Participant,

Our University of Pittsburgh research team is developing the first of its kind, survey to determine how people with disabilities complete common daily activities to their satisfaction (on their own, with the help of someone else, or by using assistive technology devices), such as communicating with others, getting around, work/school tasks, banking, buying things, entertainment, etc.

What is different about this tool, is that it considers common daily activities in a more contemporary manner, through the use of internet enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers with associated software/Apps and hardware peripherals. 

To ensure the survey is consistent and useful, we shall be recruiting a sample of people with disabilities, who would like to be among the lucky few, who helped validate this first of its kind survey. To be part of the study, participants would be required to complete two 15 to 20 minute online surveys within a 7-21 day time frame. 

Participants will receive a $25 gift card for completing the study. 

Anyone can participate who:

Has a disability, is 18 years of age or older, and lives in the United States,

Has been using any kind of Internet-connected device/software for at least 1 month and is not planning to change or modify their device during the 7 to 21 day time frame of the test-retest research study period, or

Has never used such a device/software before and is not planning to get one during the 7 to 21 day time frame of the test-retest research study period,

Can complete an on-line survey on their own, or complete the survey over the phone (see contact information below).

To complete the survey go to:

We appreciate your assistance with the development of this much needed tool.  Please feel free to share this email broadly both with colleagues and potential participants.  Also feel free to contact any of us involved in the study at the information provided below should you have any questions or comments. 




Abbas (Bobby) Quamar, MS, CRC

Principal Investigator (PI)

Graduate Student Researcher

Email:, Cell: 412 512 5277




Mark R. Schmeler, Ph D, OTR/L, ATP

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI)

Associate professor


Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology

University of Pittsburgh


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