A New Name, a New Face, Same Impactful Organization

Dear Community Members,

After almost exactly a year of planning and preparation, I’m pleased to announce that our agency has
a new name: Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS). Our new agency name coincides with
the unveiling of our new website at jfcspgh.org. Our web address is the same, but our website is
thoroughly updated and much more user-friendly–please take a moment to visit www.jfcspgh.org!

Our 80 year history is full of examples of how we respond to changing needs in our community. Our
service to others revolves around helping them through life’s many changes and challenges. Our
programs have expanded to serve international populations, whole organizations and schools, local
employers as well as job seekers, and more people who have been traditionally marginalized in our

While JFCS has always focused on each individual that turns to us for help, we have come to see
more clearly how every individual’s well-being is important to the strength of the whole community.
We realized that our name needed to catch up with who we are and what we do.

It makes sense to communicate that wider understanding and commitment in our name as well as
our values. We have evolved in programming and service delivery, and our new name—Jewish
Family and Community Services—better reflects that growth.

JFCS is also known as the home of the Career Development Center, Squirrel Hill Psychological
Services, the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry and Family Hope Connection, and those divisions
have been renamed and rebranded as JFCS Career Development Center, JFCS Counseling Services,
JFCS Squirrel Hill Food Pantry, and JFCS Family Hope. And we still have our departments that focus
on services for refugees and immigrants, immigrant legal services, senior services, and guardianship.

All of these services are provided by one agency, and we wanted to make that much clearer to our
community and make it easier for those seeking help to find us.

We hope our new name also reflects your involvement with us. Thank you for helping us accomplish
so much to strengthen our community—together.

Dr. Jordan Golin, JFCS President & CEO

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