2017 Greater Pittsburgh Community Study: Report on People with Disabilities

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh recently published the 2017 Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Community Study which was conducted by Brandeis University’s Cohen Center for Jewish Studies. This study is chock-full of data about our community – who is in it and what they care about.

In this report, a few questions were asked to access the physical and mental health of our community.  These questions included a description of overall health, limitations due to any impairment, disability, or chronic physical or mental health problem, and if anyone in the household needed counseling or other mental health services.

From these questions, we were able to glean that:

  1. 25% of Jewish households include at least one person who has a limitation on the amount or kind of work, school, or housework they can do because of an impairment, disability, or chronic physical problem or mental health issue
    • 40% of households with senior citizens
  2. 8% of Jewish households include a member who is unable to participate in Jewish life due to health limitations
    • Most common constraints: mobility issues, mental/emotional challenges, and chronic illness or disease
  3. 38% of Jewish households include a member who requires counseling or other mental health services
    • 53% of young adults ages 18-34
    • 40% of households with children

Knowing this, community leaders have a little bit more to think about and what we can do, collectively, to meet the needs of everyone. To access the full study, click on this link.

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